Future Publications

I’ve always been fascinated by what the future might potentially hold. Will we be in a Utopia, with everyone living their best lives? Or will everything end, in some cataclysmic event?

Picture this; the year is 2039, and technology has advanced immensely. Regular, everyday citizens now have the ability to travel through space at the touch of a button. Everyone has bought for themselves a Home Sphere, a self-sustaining orb capable of holding biological life, and traversing huge distances through space in short amounts of time.

Okay, so now imagine some form of apocalyptic event, collapsing this incredibly advanced civilization. Walking through the rubble of what was Utoa, the capital, you look around to see the wreckage of previously towering skyscrapers and crashed Home Spheres in various states of destruction.

As you walk, you glance down every now and again, to check your footing. You see tattered manuals and guides scattered amongst the rubble, detailing how to operate Home Spheres, terminals, and other technology you’ve never seen.

These are the Future Publications.


I wanted these to be both minimal in design, but also convey the message of exactly what the books would be about, albeit in a somewhat abstract fashion. The idea being that you could grab a manual, instantly being able to understand the content of the book just from the imagery on the cover.

Inspirations for this project come from a number of different places. I’ve always been a fan of Bethesda’s Fallout franchise, that features a similar mechanic, including magazines from years before that players can find throughout the game’s huge map. Also the simplistic compositions and colour schemes often seen in the classic 1940s-50s American Illustration were a huge inspiration when putting the Future Publications together.

Each of these publications were all put together using MAXON Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop.