About Samuel (THat’s me!)


You never realize how tricky it is to write a big chunk of text about yourself until you need to. You just kind of freeze and plunge into an existential crisis, repeating “who am I?” over and over, where you start to question everything that makes you you.

But I think I’m over that now, and am ready to write this little about page.

So, as you know from the text that you saw when you first loaded this site (if you didn’t see that, it also says my name at the top) I’m Samuel, and I’m a freelance graphic designer currently based in the South Coast of the United Kingdom. I’m 23 years old, but I sometimes forget that. On a few occasions I’ve had to specifically work out, from my birth year, how old I am. Age is but a number, and all that.

I began working in the design world seven or so years ago, starting with making spin-off images of the Achievement Hunter (a gaming based YouTube channel) logo, to be used as avatars for the community over there. We’d have this little forum page where people would come, request one with a certain theme, and one of us (there were four) would make it. It was about this time that I discovered that I wasn’t to bad at making things look cool.

From there, studied Graphic Design during GCSE, then went onto Media Studies & IT at A Level. If I’m being honest, these courses really didn’t help too much in terms of learning, well, anything. I did get a grasp of how certain tools worked, but we were using outdated software, meaning that I had to learn from the ground up again once I upgraded to the latest versions. A plus side of this was that I discovered that, once I left traditional education, I actually really enjoyed learning and experimenting just to see what happens. Weird, that. A lot of people I’ve spoken to have had that same experience.

It was during this time, in Sixth Form, that I discovered Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging platform (a bit like WordPress, but more micro) that you can share images, text, video, audio and all that good stuff. More importantly, for me anyway, was the fact that Tumblr let you have your own website hosted by them, totally free. They would let you make it look however you wanted it to look, making changes using HTML and CSS. If you don’t know, there are the languages that a web browser reads to interpret what it should show when you load a page.

In playing with Tumblr, and web development in general, I discovered that I really enjoyed it. I opened up a little theme blog, where I could create, share and discuss Tumblr themes (themes were essentially chunks of code would determine what a blog would look like) all for free! If I remember correctly, it got up to around 2000 or so followers before it was taken down. Tumblr had this huge purge of blogs that contained NSFW content, because of the nature of the platform and how it worked, some blogs got swept up in this purge that shouldn’t have been, mine included. The actual blog no longer exists, but all of the themes do! If you’re interested, they can all still be seen here.

From leaving Sixth Form, the story is pretty much a straight path. I got the obligatory retail job whilst working on building up a catalogue of work to put onto the portfolio, working with and meeting new people in various creative fields. After leaving the retail world, I jumped into full-time freelance.

And that brings us to right now. To me typing away, and you reading.

As for future plans, I have some things that I want to do. I want to travel (Chernobyl is a must-see) and I want to branch out into different areas of the creative sphere.

I’m currently working on learning various skills in the creative world, including animation, 3D design and video editing. I’m also in the process getting myself a deeper understanding of social media marketing, writing and cryptography.

But other than that, I’ll just see what life throws at me!



  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • MAXON Cinema 4D

  • Google Drive

  • Bravilor Novo

Where I can Be Found

Favourite Albums

  • Yelawolf - Love Story

  • Wolfie’s Just Fine - I Remembered but Then I Forgot

  • Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (The Legend of Johnny Cash)

  • Colter Wall - Imaginary Appalachia

  • AC/DC - Back in Black