The Matter Collection

I recently had the opportunity to put together two album covers for a super talented artist named Duke, of Amerika. As well as the artwork, I also got to create three individual promotional posters for the three albums, part of a bigger group called The Matter Collection.

This collection of albums, each comprising of four tracks, focus on one of three elements; Helium, Carbon & Hydrogen.

My part in this project was to put together the album artworks for Carbon and Hydrogen. Helium already had artwork previously created, so as such it was not needed. As well as create the promotional posters for all three, Helium didn’t yet have one.  

The main sources of inspiration that I focused on, naturally, were the titles. I wanted to work with the already established iconography that we associate with the various elements in question.

Carbon  Cover Art

Carbon Cover Art

For Carbon, I focused on the very strong, rough and bold iconographies that we think of when we think of the word “carbon.” The background, also, I kept along those same lines, opting to include a texture that mimicked a wall.

With Carbon, as is the case for all of the accompanying posters in this collection, I kept to the same theme, style, layout and colour scheme as the cover art.

I wanted there to be an immediate connection made by the end person viewing the poster and the artwork. I wanted them to immediately recognize that the two were connected.

Carbon  Release/Promotional Poster

Carbon Release/Promotional Poster

Carbon First Versions.jpg

I’ve also included here the first versions created for Carbon. They follow along the same lines, using the iconography and what have you, but don’t have quite the same refinement as the final versions.

Hydrogen  Cover Art

Hydrogen Cover Art

The second, and final, artwork that I created during this project was the cover art for Hydrogen. Again, I was working with the iconography that often comes to mind when thinking of the work “hydrogen.” Things like lightness, air, bright, among others, inspired the final artwork and poster a lot.

Whilst keeping those words in mind, I also wanted to create a design that would be in keeping with the rest of the artwork within this project.

Initially, I opted to go for a brighter palette, but after playing around with various colour pairings and layouts, we both agreed that the design (the one that you can see now) worked best.

Hydrogen Release Poster FINAL.jpg

Again, I’ve also included the first and second versions so you can get an idea of how the art progressed during the creation. Whilst I really do love the first version, what we decided on in the end works much better.

Hydrogen First Versions 2.jpg

The third and final design that I put together for this project was the poster for the Helium album.

With this one, I was following an already established design style (as I didn’t create the cover art) but still tried to bring something a little bit extra to the table. Things that I added that I fell enhanced the overall aesthetic include the somewhat messy text style, as well as the bold shadows, to really emphasize the text.

Helium  Release/Promotional Poster

Helium Release/Promotional Poster

Altogether, I’m very happy with the work that I put into this project. I feel that the final designs that we decided on bring a lot to the end product. I’ve very proud to be a part of this incredible project!

You can see more of my work below!