What is the Daily Posters Project?


For a long time I’ve been wanting to have a dedicated project purely for experimentation. Experimentation both in terms of existing processes that I know, and also experimentation within various tools and software that I don’t have as much experience in using. Through this need for an outlet of pure experimentation, the Daily Posters project was born!

Originally I had wanted to start this project at the very start of a year, which was going to be January 1st 2019, but one day I just decided to start. This was on September 1st, and at the date that I’m writing this (October 27th) I’m up to 57 individual posters, with no plans on stopping!

I must admit that this isn’t an original idea, which I’m sure that you’re well aware of. There are two main inspirations for starting this. The first inspiration being the Baugasm project by the incredibly talented designer Vasjen Katro. And the second being another Daily Posters project by Magdiel Lopez. These two fantastic designers give me constant inspiration on a daily basis, and more than likely, without them, my own Daily Posters project wouldn’t exist.

I like to think that even in this short amount of time that I’ve been working with this project, my skills and abilities in the world of design have vastly improved, and I’ve been able to pickup a whole bunch of techniques that I probably would never have discovered.

The main tools that I like to work with in the Daily Posters project are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Cinema 4D. Although I consider myself experienced with Photoshop, I’m constantly learning new and exciting things through this project. Because I need to create something new each day, I’m being forced to think outside of the box, and figure out ways of making old techniques look and feel new.

I know that I definitely want to complete a full year with this project. The long term goal is to reach 365 posters. The bio on my Instagram account currently states that “There will eventually be 365 posters here. Then they'll be deleted. Then I'll start again.” As of right now, I don’t know whether or not I will continue with this project once the full year has been completed, but I do know that I will finish out the year.

Despite only being 50 or so days into the Daily Posters project, I can already feel myself gravitating towards certain styles and methods of design. For example, I like to play around with Typography, specifically large chunks of text, as can be seen in the posters below.

Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant



I think that an interesting thing to do might be allow myself to use my “typical” design methods and styles for the first 100 posters, then once that milestone has been reached, give myself the strict rule of not being able to use these methods. I feel that this could either push me to think outside of the box, or burn me out creatively. I guess we’ll see once we hit 100!

If you’re a designer or an artist who is thinking about starting a Daily Posters, or daily anything, project of your own, I say do it! I guarantee that you’ll see yourself and your skill growing in many aspects in whatever field you work in. If you do start your own Daily project, I’d love to see what you create!

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